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Untitled document Hello,

Welcome to the World Wide Froggies 's website. We are a french team of the famous game Tremulous.
The tag of the team is

Our forum contents an english section, it's the section Match /Clan War.
Guest can post on this forum's section, you dont need to register (but you can if you want of course).

When playing on server wwF*Server, you do accept the following rules :

Behaviour :

When you connect on the server, you can say hello to other connected players, even if this is not an obligation... If you are using a bind to do so, please use it only once.

Tolerated languages are French or English.
The server is not a place to chat (use MSN or IRC for this), players must not spend more time reading than playing.
Binds as "LOL" or "share me..." are not advised.

If you want to talk with someone about something that's not the game, please use the private messages.
Open your console (² key) and use "/m" command
CodeIE : /m Nico did you visit the forum today ? will send your private message ("did you visit the forum today" in this case) to player called Nico.

Abusive matters or insults towards players are strongly forbidden. But kidding and joking is allowed if the sense of your sentence is easy to understand (use a smiley for example).
CodeIE : You've been very very lucky you little sucker ^_^

Racist matter or homophobes matters towards a player are strongly forbidden.

Your nick name must not be forbidden, insult, (like BenLaden, Adolflover, IFuckU...)

Provocative chat like "Noob, Come out campers..." are strongly disadvised.
(Do you really think that it could help a player when telling hin he's a noob?)

Gameplay :

Spamming is forbidden (when you are not aiming an ennemy, just to block a door)
IE : repetitive luci shots on a closed door)

Grangers are not allowed to attack (it's not their goal anyway)

Intentional TK (team kill = kill someone in your team) against players or structures is forbidden.

De-build Overmind or reactor without warning before is forbidden.

Building bug's exploit (build somewhere it will be impossible to be destroyed) are forbidden.

Fake players might be kicked if they dont answer to admins'questions about their identities (use MP to admins for exemple)


By the way you can send an email at contactNOSPAM@wwf-team.fr to contact us, but join us on IRC or post on our forum is more faster.

See you !