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International Invite League

Invite for the League
Avatar de Re.
  Lien vers ce message 28 Octobre 2007, 14:16

We wanna invite you on Iternational Invite League (page of league : <-- beta version)

Planned league start is on 11th of November.
Matches will be 5v5 , more info on forum. Prize will be free ts
serwer for one year.

The league is international but only invited clan can take a part. (we planned to invite 20 clans)
Any questions or sugesstions send at e-mail

InterLeague Team
Maître de l'étang
Maître de l'étang
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  • Inscrit : 14 Janvier 2007
  Lien vers ce message 28 Octobre 2007, 15:01

Thx for the invitation.

After talking with mates, We accept with pleasure your proposal.