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Thank you for the training

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  Lien vers ce message 07 Mai 2007, 21:03
Hi all,
I just wanna thank you all guys for the training done this evening :clap:
Our team as a lot of things to learn, and trainings like this one are (imho) a great opportunity to improve ourselves.
Maybe if you hadn't get so bored this evening we can re-try this experience :yeux:

See ya

Maître de l'étang
Maître de l'étang
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Hi kappolo :)

It's also very enriching for us. We can try more things without worrying to die ( basi, Marau, Flamer.. )

We didn't get bored and will be with pleasure to start again the experiment!

We will be able to retry without no problems!

Thx too :>