joining wwf

outlandish :) - 20 Aout 2008, 20:00

outlandish people can join wwF?

im from germany and id like to join ur clan can you tell me if its allowed?

MayheM - 20 Aout 2008, 20:12

Hi man,

Sorry, We prefer remaining only a French clan, where is united many friends ( IRL..).
It's why we don't recrut
That's all i can say you.

Thanks for your proposition. We hope you understand.

yout l'ancetre - 20 Aout 2008, 20:15

Hello outlandish and thank you for the interest you bring to our team :-)

Unfortunately, we don't accept any more people, instead, we ask to people we know and invite them to join the team...

Sorry !

outlandish - 21 Aout 2008, 1:20

so if im good enough means very good i can join right?

Whinze - 21 Aout 2008, 11:10

Even if you are very good, that's is difficult to communicate with foreigners (e.g. always talking in English) and our recruitment works with invitations. I'm very sorry, but you can't.