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Prolinux Experimental Tourney

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  Lien vers ce message 04 Juillet 2008, 16:07
Salut! :D

I'd like to tell you that a small experimental tourney is going on soon on prolinux server organized by dimak, one of the server owners. He is looking for some clans (4 atm) who are willing to partecipate.
The tourney is going to be played in one evening (he wants to keep it manageable) and as far as i know there is no price for the winner yet (except eternal glory between the players who will partecipate). As you read from the title this tourney is experimental because it is going to be played with no standard rules. I'll try to translate the original topic in english so you can better understand.

Citation ("Prolinux topic")

I'm looking for 3-4 clans of 4-5 players each for a tourney to be played on one evening/night (22.00 CET or later) with experimental rules to be decided soon.
The rules adopted will be:
1- SuddenDeath Mode 2 after 6 (not 7 as written in the original) minutes with instantbuild on, and timelimit 25 (not 35 as written in the original)
2- Both teams start at Stage3 with 2 eggs/nodes and om/reactor with a total of 118bp (everything else needs to be built at start with instantbuild)
3- ATCS map not allowed, the map list will be: Tremor, Karith, Niveus, PeoronGate

Dimak will be the only judge of the tourney (he is not playing for his clan triplex of course ;) )
Those who are interested need to send dimak a private message writing about days in which they can play, time and players available.


PS: SD modes
0 - only buildings costing 0 build points can be built
1 - no building of any kind
2 - only non-fortification buildings can be REBUILT. This means that the
build points of all existing rebuildable structures is totaled at the
START of SD and those build points can be re-used througout SD.
Rebuildable buildings are:
Humans: Reactor, Armoury, Medistation, Defense Computer, and Repeater
Aliens: Overmind and Booster

At the moment r3v and maybe triplex have applied, so he is looking for another 2 clans. I'm trying to ask some friends if they want to partecipate.
He has already organized a few other small tourneys similar to this one; they were called FridayTremulousNightFever which turned out to be fun even though only italian clans partecipated.

If you are interested contact dimak on ita forums or me on irc. :p :yahoo:
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Maître de l'étang
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  Lien vers ce message 05 Juillet 2008, 13:15
Hum, these rules seems to be intresting. But todays, ours leaders are absents. Then we'll think at this
tournament and contact you later.
However, thank for the communication.
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Maître de l'étang
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  Lien vers ce message 06 Juillet 2008, 11:54
Does CY will subscribe ? <_<
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  Lien vers ce message 06 Juillet 2008, 18:20
i have contacted only you for now as not-italian clan, i could tell about this to any clan around, but i'm just too lazy.. ANyway if you know some other french clan who would be interested in partecipating, just tell me please :p :D :yahoo: