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One is looking for Clanwar

floww (12 Septembre 2008, 21:20)
Hi One is looking for a Clanwar

tell me where your ping is good a server like Mjtavern would be good or we play on Dasprid or our Clanserver: One's Kitchen

sd 35. tl 45 share off qvm: lakitu unlagged off .

do you accept my challenge?
MayheM (13 Septembre 2008, 1:04)

We can Cw soon, will see.

Thanks, by.
P'tit Nico ;-) (13 Septembre 2008, 17:17)
Hello :)

Join us on IRC :
port: 6667
chan: #wwF

Or just clic here.

floww (07 Octobre 2008, 3:37)
:we played but i wasnt there :( i hope we can play again btw do you have a place where you can see all clanwars?
SerpuZ (07 Octobre 2008, 9:22)
Eww no but i think i create a place next =)