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[F]lame vs wwF*Team

orb` (14 Mars 2008, 21:36)
Hi Froggies !

[F]lame are back and they want some practice clan wars.

We propose a 5v5 (maybe more) on UTCS or ATCS (Training clan war you know :innocent:) on your serv the 23 March at 20 GMT+1.

No SD, TL 40, No unlagged and share on :)

We hope you will answer fast and positively.


[F]lame team.
Symdrome (15 Mars 2008, 18:39)
Heureusement que tu sais parler français :innocent:
orb` (16 Mars 2008, 11:16)
Yes i can speak the froggies language as well but i'm the only french in [F]lame then that's not "fair" :o)
Symdrome (16 Mars 2008, 21:25)
ok we'll see ;)