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wwF vs. (eVo)

Visiteur (08 Mars 2008, 18:15)
Hello, I was thinking if wwF would like to play a clan war with us? We're seeking good enemy as there are not much good clans left in EU.
We could probably play a 4v4 or 5v5, on our/yours server, we don't really mind.
What about the date?

Today (08.03.2008)
Tomorrow (09.03.2008)
Or next weekend?

I'm usually idling your IRC, so if u have any questions, just query me ;)
MayheM (08 Mars 2008, 18:17)
Hi man,

When we can, we will see that on #wwF ( irc chan ).

Thanks, see you :)
Visiteur (09 Mars 2008, 22:40)

Would be better if we could play on weekends, but lets see i will find you in IRC :)