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{KOC} is seeking clan war

Ahalya( aka feNix ) (27 Janvier 2008, 18:42)
Salut! (-:

We ( {KOC} clan) would like to play clan war vs you. Our team as a lot of things to learn, and I think it will be a great opportunity to improve our {KOC} teamplay.

Contact us regarding the match with us so in this forum topic, if you are interested, and we will agree on the time and server. (-:
Ahalya (27 Janvier 2008, 18:43)
Ah.. Mea culpa. We have already one topic...

PS: Where is edit? :)
MayheM (28 Janvier 2008, 16:42)
We can train every evening npb :)
{KOC} (21 Aout 2008, 18:41)
Hi. We are seeking for cw and we would to play with wwF :). The best time for KOC is friday at 20:00? It is good for U? If U have better time U can write it and KOC will rewrite. We will wait for your answer. See Ya Tomorrow :)
Whinze (21 Aout 2008, 18:43)
GMT +1 ? +2 ?
{KOC} (21 Aout 2008, 18:46)
We have GMT +1 in slovak and czech republic :)
yout l'ancetre (21 Aout 2008, 18:48)
Anyway Exitus, it should be possible every evening/night.

The easiest way to set up day and time is probably that you join our irc channel (#wwf on the freenode irc), and ask us there !
{KOC} (21 Aout 2008, 18:51)
Yeah thats good way too. But we want have time and day forward, because KOC isnt very active clan. but we can try you idea.
{KOC} (21 Aout 2008, 19:06)
btw i forgot. Server: {KOC} Kocour-CZ ATCS TRAIN, IP:, nopass. U must use console (/connect IP).
Our IRC is on (#Kocour)